[fic writing] a letter to my author (JUMPing Carnival 2019)

Hi there!

If you're reading this, you probably have been assigned to write me fic! Thank you in advance I hope it goes well hehehehe
I like having as much information as possible, so I hope this helps :D


I love AUs, especially magic AUs. Not limited to hp! universe, can include superheroes, mutants, etc!! time travelling is cool too!! Other cool AUs: Detective stories, dystopian societies, high school, college/work AU.
I don't mind canon fic too!

Shoulder kisses, bants, strong friendshippy bonds, messy confessions, drama crossovers, hair appreciation, mentions of senpais/kouhai interactions, hair pulling, personal growth, dealing with heartbreak... would be nice additions!
Other Johnnys I like (if you need side characters): KAT-TUN, ARASHI (esp ohmiya), SixTONES


non-con, genderswitch unless it's magical, rape, m-preg, OCs, hard kinks, blood play, breath play, gore, sex without lube, infidelity, lengthy descriptions of the outfits characters are wearing unless it is crucial to the storyline. I don't like verbal abuse or violence that is too extreme either.

I would rather not see these in fic either: Yamada/Chinen(i'm all for yamachii friendship, but i cannot see them as a romantic pair... sorry!), Yamada/Yuto (unless it's past), Takaki/Yamada, Keito/Yuto



Takaki Yuya/Nakajima Yuto: I love them, I love them so much. You can literally just write me takajima pool sex and i will accept it with open arms. AUs, fluff, hurt comfort, i want it ALL. I like to imagine that Yuto is a bouncy boy with a lot of energy and Takaki is the calm that balances him. Even though they are both equally stupid. big dumb energy amirite ❤

Takaki Yuya/Yabu Kota: I see this pair as a very soft pair, extremely healing to the heart, so you can write me domestic fluff or maaaaybe even challenge that.

Yaotome Hikaru/Arioka Daiki: i've been wanting hikadai fic for a very very very long time; for this pair i would prefer endless ANGST (maybe with a happy ending?). if you are one that prefers gen or softer themes, you can give me a fluffy hikadai Singapore trip or something because I learnt that they just went there recently HAHA

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru: i love our Hey!Say! PARENTS (prompt: magic paintbrush,, whatever hikaru draws comes to life AKA YABU)

OT9 (or OT10 if that's your preference) shenanigans are always appreciated, i love Keito's Hard Life

JUMP/Others that i appreciate: Yuto/Watanabe Anne, Yuto/Araki Yuko, Inoo/Mackenyu


Hikaru/Yamamoto Mizuki: (headcanon that hasn't happened yet) they get cast into a movie/drama as siblings or twins, and grow closer. unsurprisingly, mizuki is actually a female version of hikaru. She starts calling him aniki for lols but it sticks beyond the filming. 10/10 platonic friendship

OT9 (or OT10 if that's your preference) shenanigans are always appreciated, i love Keito's Hard Life

Additional Prompt(s) (use if you want to, but you don't have to!):

A tries to rescue B from being stuck in a painting (can be interpreted literally, like physically GLUED to painting, or B's soul is in some historical painting and it's up to A to get him out).

Overall I hope you have fun writing this! Looking forward to your fic!! ❤❤❤

[etc] FIC REC LIST //under construction

I figured this would be helpful for me, and maybe whoever who wants to read some good fic :)

it's ugly as hell now but hey it works so


A Tree Called Jin

Right Down The Line
monster of a fic i love it


and life goes on (let me warm your numb hands)
baby in fic

Through Brambles and Thorns


Shaded Purple


carry on the breeze (you'll never find me gone)
seasons fic, language of flowers BOOM gifted child of a fic

Gold in the air of summer
so good it was even translated into mandarin chinese can you believe

The things that happen when you can't fit 8 people in a cake
one of the best crack fics ever


Cheap Umbrella
v cute v soft i like it

Christmas Eve, Pre-Journey

House on the Shore
this fic????????? ;-;

Six Degrees of Morimoto Shintaro
warning: magic genderswitch but its good


dont even ship this its just good fic wtf


When the world is dyed in sand.
very very very sad but beaut